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Felonius Gru

We finally made it back home from Florida. Very busy week. Lots of meetings with important folks like Gru. Returned home to near freezing temperatures so it was a good thing that we had put the coach into storage before we left on our travels.

Storing a Coach

This is where we have left our coach until April of 2017. Gan 401 Storage offers roughly 160,000 square feet of climate controlled storage. Errol, the owner, and Mike, the building superintendent, helped guide me in to this sprawling building, the site of a former manufacturing company that used to make dashboards for cars. This […]

Moving Day

We have pretty much packed everything up from our coach and brought it back into the house. Tomorrow we will need to empty our tanks, add a bit of diesel fuel, and complete a final check of the coach before taking it into storage. Once the coach has been placed into storage, Lorraine and I […]


Home can be defined as the place where one lives permanently. Or perhaps not. Lorraine and I have had the good fortune to travel all across North America and much of Europe. And we travel light. On our extended trips to Europe, we travelled with one small bag each for our clothing, and one small […]

Storing Our RV For The Winter

We received a lot of feedback on the iRV2 Forum about storing our coach in a climate controlled storage facility. And this is what we are going to do when we put the coach into storage next week. 1. Clean Out The Coach Before Delivery We will remove everything that does not need to be […]