Alsatian RV Resort

Another day closer to California. A somewhat shorter drive of roughly five hours brought us from Rayford Crossing RV Resort to the Alsatian RV Resort near San Antonio, Texas.

First day of rain although it did not hit us until late in the day after we had set up the coach.

Nice park. Concrete pads, concrete roads. Good separation between sites although we lucked out and we have a very large corner site. Internet is very poor. Went down last night due to saturation. Very weak cellular and I was unable to post until this morning. The rest of the park is still sleeping as I post.

A few photos to share from Alsatian and then it is time for Lorraine and I to get up and going again. Long driving day today, probably nine hours or so. Fortunately the last two stops on our run to California, one in New Mexico and the other in Arizona, are much shorter legs. After today’s drive, the long hauls are finished.

Here is our site. Nothing much in the way of landscaping, just a very level run of concrete. Easy to enter and exit.

The sites have reasonable separation although if you score a corner site, like ours, you get an oversized lot.

Alsatian does have a small clubhouse, a pool, and a golf course. A good spot for a few days on the way to somewhere else.

Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Shake, rattle, and roll. That would characterize a fair section of our 11-hour drive yesterday. To be fair, most of the drive from Heritage Motor Coach Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama to Rayford Crossing RV Resort was fine. Good roads and pleasant driving conditions.

There were sections of I-10, particularly in Louisiana and at the border into Texas, that were remarkably bad.

We did make it safely to our site at Rayford Crossing. Traffic in Houston, late in the day Saturday, was heavy and the last 30 minutes or so of a very long day behind the wheel, proved a bit challenging.

I was very happy to get our coach up on the jacks, despite the somewhat uneven concrete pad.

Rayford Crossing is a nice place to park for a couple of nights. Clean, quiet yet very much in the middle of a large, busy urban environment.

Rest and recovery day. Tomorrow’s drive is a bit shorter, only 4 hours behind the wheel.

Here is a video of our drive from Heritage Motor Coach Resort. The video ends before we made Houston because, well, you will see why towards the latter part of the video.

Heritage Motor Coach Resort

We are now in Alabama. Three days of driving and we have at last cleared the state of Florida. We are staying at the Heritage Motor Coach Resort in Orange Beach. We will be here for two days, giving us a bit of a break as we make our way west to California.

Heritage is a surprisingly small but beautiful Class A resort.

The clubhouse is on two floors, overlooking the water.

Coming into the resort, you will see this one street with the clubhouse at the end.

The road continues along a sharp u-turn and comes out the opposite end. One way in. One way out. The road is not much longer than a quarter mile. 79 sites.

The sites are on the narrow side, roughly 40 feet across. Fairly deep. Well appointed. Each site has its own coach house.

The middle row, the heart of the resort, has sites with a common walking path in the middle. I suspect that it would be a very loud part of the resort in season as the sites in this section are connected to each other by this walking path.

One shot of the walking path from the bottom of the U-shaped road.

Another shot from within the walking path.

There is a marina attached to the resort and the views from this part of the park are stunning.

An American flag proudly overlooks the beachfront.

Here is our coach, nestled into site 28. Tight spot, just not as tight as Carrabelle Beach RV Resort.

A short video showing our departure from Carrabelle Beach RV Resort and our arrival into Heritage Motor Coach Resort.

Rest day today. Another driving day tomorrow. Long driving day, ten to twelve hours.

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Our trip to California entered day two. A five-hour drive from Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort to Carrabelle Beach RV Resort.

If you come to Carrabelle with a diesel pusher, be prepared as this place is very tight and there won’t be anyone from the park to help you get into your site.

Here we are with just enough room to fit our toad sideways on the entrance to our site. Our view? The backside of another coach. Surrounded by coaches actually. Packed in like sardines.

Lorraine seemed to think that Carrabelle Beach RV Resort was a Class A park.

It’s not.

Trailers, fifth wheels, Super Cs and a few Class A coaches. Nice place even if the sites are on the narrow side. Clean and well kept.

The main attraction of Carrabelle is the beach. It is a beautiful stretch of water, if you like that kind of thing, just across the street from the resort. This picture shows where we entered the beach. You can hardly make out the water for the sky as it was a very calm evening.

Please do not judge us too harshly. Our dog has never seen a beach before. We live in Canada. In the snow and ice. There are no beaches in Canada. Lots of snow though. And, to Tabby, the sand looked like snow. Did not taste like snow, as she later found out.

The beachfront is certainly stunning and I’m glad we pulled in early enough to see it.

Here is a short video of our trip out to Carrabelle. Tomorrow we make our way to Heritage Motorcoach Resort in Alabama. We get to stay there for a couple of days before continuing on to the great state of Texas.

Myakka Stowaways

Looks like we have a few extra passengers from Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. Freeloaders really. They jumped aboard our coach without so much as a please and thank you.

They expect to be taken all the way to California.

Who are these hooligans?

They are, well, they are rocks.

Like this one.

We have three of them on board. We will take them to Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort and we will hide them in plain sight.

And we will check on their status to see if they have been taken.

I had not heard of this practice of painting rocks until last week. People paint rocks, and most of the paintings are very artistic, and then they paint a Facebook link on the back.

A rock gets placed in a spot where it could be found, taken, and placed into a new spot.

We’ll see how far our stowaways might travel. Perhaps they will find their way back to Myakka.

Getting ready to lift our jacks and hook up our toad.

This is our starting point out of the resort today. A five-hour drive ahead. Just about right in terms of a day’s drive.