Moving Day

Lots of coaches leaving Myakka River Motorcoach Resort today. And lots of coaches coming in.

A number of our friends were heading out today. Dave and Jan. Jim and Pam. Larry and Peggye. Jim and Cindy. Sad to see them go and hopefully we will meet them again somewhere down the road.

But one thing I did learn about moving day here at Myakka. Get yourself ready to go the night before. When you stay at a place like this for a while, you make so many friends and they will want to come to say good-bye. Depending on your schedule, it may take you quite a bit longer than planned to pull up the jacks and head down the road.

To all of those who are keeping up with us on our travels, Lorraine and I wish you a very happy new year.

Time to Leave

Not yet. We are at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort until the end of January.

We have a fairly large number of coaches leaving over the next few days which may, or may not, have something to do with the following change in rental rates.

All of the RV resorts in Florida have peak and non-peak rates. For Myakka, the current monthly non-peak rental rates for the various site types are:

Those rates change in a few days.

Quite the jump. Obviously Florida is a very popular destination in the winter. A few other Class A resorts start their peak rates earlier. In December. And the rates, like Myakka, more than double from the non-peak rates.

For Canadian snowbirds, the peak rates are much higher in our native currency: $4,000 CAD a month for the river front view.

Given the pullback in the stock markets and the drop in the Canadian dollar, Lorraine and I have been looking at our options for next winter. This one looks promising although I am not sure whether we can fit our Class A and toad. The sites look a bit tight.

Class A RV Map

I’ve come across this map a few times now.

It started life as a thread on the iRV2 Newmar Owner’s Forum. A very long and, at times, somewhat controversial thread that is now over 40 pages.

The premise of the thread was for Newmar owners to share their experiences at RV parks that were Class A restricted and RV parks that were well suited for Class A rigs.

People look for different experiences when they go out with their rigs. We have stayed at all sorts of different places: driveways, fields, KOAs, casinos, parking lots, rustic RV parks and luxury Class A restricted RV parks. We enjoy the Class A parks when we are staying in one place for a month or longer.

The Class A RV Map page, to the extent that it will continue to be maintained, is another resource we will use when looking for an RV park that offers a good experience for Class A rigs. It differs somewhat from the US RV Big Rigs site. That site is a commercial undertaking and you have to pay to get access to their data. We have their book and, for the most part, we use the book and the site to see if our rig will fit in a particular campground. And, of course, there is always RV Park Reviews. Like many crowdsourced review sites, you have to use a bit of discernment when reading through the comments.

The folks behind the Class A RV Map produced this video which provides more insight into their volunteer effort.

Newmar For The Win

Newmar Dutch Stars reign supreme at the Myakka River Class A Motorcoach Resort. There are 80 coaches on site right now. 25 of the coaches are Newmar coaches, almost a third of the total. And 10 of the 25 coaches are Dutch Stars. Of the 10 Dutch Stars, 9 of them are less than 4 years old. The oldest Newmar is a beautiful 2008 London Aire. There is but one King Aire, one Essex, a few London Aires and Mountain Aires, several Ventanas and a couple of Newmar gassers.

There are two Prevost coaches and two Newell coaches. A dozen or so Tiffin and Entegra coaches. And then an assortment of Class A coaches from American Coach, Monaco, Beaver, Holiday Rambler, et. al.

Here is one shot of a gorgeous Beaver coach. Love the gold paint colour.

We are at a smaller resort with only 100 sites but I am still a bit surprised by the concentration of Newmar coaches here.

We are not that far from the largest Newmar dealer in the world, North Trail. Perhaps that might be influencing the number of Newmar coaches here. In talking with the owners, most purchased from North Trail.

We might drop by North Trail over the next week or so and check out some of the new Newmars before the big Tampa RV show in January. We will be at the show but the crowds do make it a bit of a challenge to walk through the coaches.


Myakka River Motorcoach Resort

Our front yard. Such incredible views from our coach at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. We love it here so much that we extended our stay until the end of January. It is quiet, peaceful with a wonderful community of people. With less than 100 sites, it is also an intimate spot. Close to so many services yet tranquil and calm.

Here is where you enter Myakka. Motorcoaches will park and unhook on the far side and register at the main clubhouse.

The clubhouse features some wonderful amenities and a beautiful swimming area.

Each evening we have been rewarded with beautiful sunsets from our site.

Our coach is right at the riverfront. The sites are large and landscaped with good privacy.

There is a boardwalk that spans the front of the resort property.

One path of the boardwalk leads out to a pier.

Here are a few of the coaches on the riverfront sites.

Roughly two-thirds of the sites are owned and many owners have built up their sites with coach houses.

And the inside sites are also very nice with water views and fountains.

We weren’t sure what to expect coming to Myakka. It is a gem in this part of Florida and we are thoroughly enjoying our time here.