Petoskey, Michigan


Petoskey is a small town with a population of roughly 6,000 people. Like most U.S. towns, it appears a bit larger from a Canadian perspective due, in part, to the layout of the town as well as the look and feel of the town. In this case, lots of wonderful Victorian buildings like this one.


The downtown shopping district offers numerous boutique retailers, not a chain store to be found, and a variety of interesting restaurants. Shops like Grandpa Shorter’s and Trapper’s Cabin offer unique gifts and Petoskey stones.


One of the taller structures in the downtown area is Stafford’s Perry Hotel. Built in 1899, it is open year round and operates as a full service hotel. When Lorraine and I walked around the building, we noticed an outdoor eating area called the Rose Garden Veranda which looked very nice. As a side note, I doubt that the hotel had cellular antennas in 1899. I noticed a number of folks playing Pokemon Go around the hotel. I don’t think that existed back in 1899 either.


The highlight of the downtown district? Wright Cycle Co. Alas, I did not see any bikes in the shop.


There is a small park in the heart of this downtown area which offers a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.


A delightful way to spend an afternoon in Petoskey. There are, of course, big box stores a bit farther afield from the downtown area. Convenient for groceries and such however lacking in character when compared to Petoskey’s downtown.

Sunsets in the Upper Peninsula


The sunsets in this part of the United States last a long, long time. From roughly 8:30pm to almost 10:00pm, the sky comes alive with wonderful vibrant colours.

The evening sky sets the coach ablaze with reflections of the cool light.


This is where we take in the sunset.


Petoskey Motorcoach Resort Part Two


Here are a few photos from our stay at the Petoskey Motorcoach Resort. I’m hoping that these pictures will give you a sense of the place, a treasure in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

This is one of my favourite shots so far, a shot of Bob’s 2016 Dutch Star. He has a 4369 which looks almost the same as our 4002 — just a tad longer as it is a 43-foot coach. I caught his coach just as he was leaving the resort.


There isn’t a bad site in the park. I really like this one, site 45, with a large area to the patio side of the coach.


The premium sites face the various water treatments of the park. We were originally booked into site 5 below. However, our neighbours, all the way from Houston, Texas, loved this park so much that they extended their stay for a month.


We had to make do with site 4.


Let’s take a bit of a tour around site 4. Starting with the view from the inside of the coach. All windows open and every sightline is a great sightline.


This is what we look at in front of our coach.


And from our patio side.


I have been doing quite a bit of photography and I take my laptop and my camera outside. This is what my office looks like for post-processing, email and blogging.

I could get very used to this life.


One Thousand Islands


I have not counted them one by one. That said, according to reputable sources, there are 1,864 islands in the thousand islands region.

We are almost at the end of our first trip with the Castaway and, with a few minor exceptions, we had a very successful breaking in of the coach.

Here are a few shots of the campground and the marina directly across the street from the campground.

More on our first experience with the coach in the next few days.