The Big Reveal of Newmar’s Super C

I am catching the big reveal of Newmar’s new Super C, the Super Star live. The RV Geeks are hosting.

VP of sales for Newmar, John Sammut has joined them for the big reveal.

First, a bit of chat with Matt Miller, the CEO of Newmar.

And finally, the newest model from Newmar.

First air ride cab, first full wall slide on a Super C.

Pass-through storage, another first for a Super C.

Interior looks a lot like a Dutch Star probably due to the full wall slide and the woodworking.

Newmar will offer a 37 and 40 foot model.

RV Geeks are impressed, they think it is comparable to a high-end diesel pusher. The Super Star can haul up to 20,000 pounds. Built on a Freightliner chassis.

RV Geeks will post videos of the new model on their channel.

No other details in terms of the chassis. No other details in terms of pricing.

Hopefully more details about the Super Star will come out soon on the Newmar website. Nothing there right now.

Drivin’ and Vibin’ got a first look and a video which provides more insight into the new machine. They are saying a price of $350,000.

Homeward Bound

Four more weeks. And then we make our way back to Canada. I cannot believe how quickly our time south has passed.

We have stayed in some wonderful properties and we have enjoyed some wonderful experiences. Of course, the sun and palm trees do help to make all of this time a memorable experience.

Trip planning is a big part of the RV lifestyle. Lorraine and I spent the weekend pulling together our plans for the long drive home — 2,800 miles and 44 driving hours not including breaks and fuel stops. We also had help from some of our friends.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the trip:

We will leave Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort on April 14th and we will drive 5 hours to Distant Drums RV Resort in Camp Verde, Arizona. We will spend two nights at Distant Drums partly because of its proximity to Sedona. We love to hike in the Sedona area.

From there we will drive 8 hours to Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch in Alto, New Mexico. This Class A restricted park was recommended to us and we are going to spend two nights at Ruidoso. It looks like a beautiful spot.

Then a relatively short drive to Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo, Texas. 5 hours. One night only.

Another short drive. This one for just under 4 hours. And another park recommendation from a friend, Mustang Run RV Park, located in Yukon, Oklahoma. One night only.

A 5 hour drive will take us to Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake, Oak Grove, Arkansas. A stunning resort property and we will spend two nights there.

The next stop will be an overnight stay at Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles, Missouri. It will take us less than 5 hours to reach Sundermeier from Ozarks.

We will make a 6 hour drive to reach the Newmar Factory in Nappanee, Indiana. We will arrive the afternoon of April 23rd. Our coach will be in service for three days and we will leave Nappanee either on the Saturday, April 27th, or possibly on the Sunday, April 28th. The only reason for delaying the trip by one day is timing the border crossing. Saturdays can be much heavier days to cross the U.S. Canada border.

We will cross the border in Port Huron and, after about 7 hours or so, we will reach the Niagara KOA and stay there for a few nights before our final stop in Barrie, Ontario.

It does take a surprising amount of time to plan all of the details for a trip like this one including planning all of the fuel stops.

Bittersweet to be planning the trip back to Canada. We have really enjoyed our first year as Snowbirds and we are so looking forward to returning south in November.

And, yes, we have already made our bookings for our next trip south and our next stay in Florida. Important to plan ahead.

Desert Stock

Desert Shores is the nicest RV Resort we have visited to date. We have stayed at a number of nice places including Hearthside Grove, Mountain Falls, Myakka River, and Heritage. All beautiful places.

Desert Shores is at the top of our list. It is a stunning RV Resort and it is priced accordingly.

Perhaps this is why some of the conversion companies host special events at places like Desert Shores.

Marathon was out in full force for an event called Desert Stock. This event, likely a play on the Desert Shores name along with a not too subtle reference to Woodstock, took place on Saturday evening.

Marathon brought seven coaches out to the event. One was a bare chassis, the others were all for sale.

Beautiful coaches. I really liked this one.

But, at roughly $2.5 million CAD, this coach was just a wee bit out of my range.

There were others. Certified, pre-owned coaches. Like this one.

Unfortunately, not pre-owned long enough. I’d have to look at something that was pre-owned for a heck of lot longer. Takes a bit of time for depreciation to work its magic on these coaches.

It was fun to look though. They were all lined up and thoroughly detailed for the event.

The event started at 1pm. At a nearby stage, bands would soon be playing hits from the 70s and 80s. Classical music from the Bee Gees, Eagles and the Rolling Stones.

Although I would never spend the money to purchase a Marathon coach, I do appreciate the Canadian business that builds the chassis.

Prevost, pronounced “pray-voh”, is part of the Volvo buses group. Based in Quebec, pronounced “kay-beck”, Prevost is the chassis of choice for many of the high-end luxury motorhome companies.

Marathon had a bare Prevost chassis coach on site. It was all white on the outside as Marathon paints their coaches, and nothing but a driver’s seat on the inside. It was interesting to see what a million or so adds to a bare chassis.

Van Horn RV Park

An overnight stay. In the dirt. But with a lot of Texas character.

Our travel plan, when we left Myakka River Motorcoach Resort on February 6th, looked like this:

The drive from Alsatian RV Resort to Van Horn RV Park was one of the longest legs of our trip clocking in at almost nine hours behind the wheel. We were now better than halfway across the southern United States.

There are very few choices in places to stay in this part of Texas. I must admit that our arrival into Van Horn RV Park was not very promising.

Entering the park confirmed my suspicion that this was really not much more than a dirt field.

There was character here. Especially with a few of the rigs that were clearly planted for the long term. Those of us looking for an overnight stay were placed in a faraway corner of the park. Safety in numbers I guess.

There was a certain rustic charm to the place. We walked back out to the sign thoroughly enjoying the experience of being in this part of Texas.

The sign does say free WiFi. And you definitely get what you pay for namely unusable WiFi. I couldn’t pull in any cellular either. Unplugged for the day.

The toad was covered in dirt. I found a spray wash about two miles from the RV park and gave the car a bit of a bath. Detailing the coach and toad will have to wait until we get to California.

We made a decision to drop our next stop on the way. Hacienda RV Resort, a mere three hour drive from Van Horn RV Park, was cancelled and our stay at the Motorcoach Resort in Chandler, Arizona, extended.

A very long day behind the wheel to get to the Motorcoach Resort.

Here is a quick video of our trip from Alsatian to Van Horn. Aside from the congestion in San Antonio, the drive was wonderful.

2019 Florida RV Supershow

This will be our first visit to the Florida RV Supershow. We have been to the other large RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania a few times and I think we know what to expect in terms of the crowds and the vendors.

We purchased our tickets in advance. You can buy your tickets online here. Getting them ahead of time will save you a bit of money, 9 dollars per admission as opposed to 10 dollars, and it gives you a second day admission at no extra charge. You have to pick up the second day ticket when your first day ticket gets scanned at the gate.

We will be heading out to the show from Myakka River Motorcoach Resort tomorrow morning. The drive is roughly 90 minutes and we plan to leave by 7:00am. The gates open at 9:00am.

A number of our friends left with their coaches yesterday. We are leaving our coach behind for this event as we will be spending only one day at the show.

From what I have learned, we have to bring some cash along. Parking at the Fairgrounds is cash only, 8 dollars a car, and some of the food vendors likely only take cash as well.

Weather looks like it will be comfortable tomorrow. Sunny and mild.

There is a show app that we will have with us along with a camera. I’ve taken a look at the map and the list of seminars although we will pick up the paper versions at the show.

I have one major item on my list that I would like to buy at the show if I can get a good deal: a Marathon, perhaps a Newell or even a Foretravel.

Just don’t tell Lorraine. It will be our secret, okay?