Wearing Out The Welcome Mat

They don’t keep count. “They” being either the Canadian or U.S. government. That is the perspective of some Canadian RVers when they are travelling into the United States. They don’t worry about overstaying in the States.

They should.

As of July 2019, phase III of the Entry/Exit Initiative was implemented and this is what it means:

CBP and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are exchanging biographic data, travel documents, and other border crossing information collected from individuals traveling between the countries at land border ports of entry. This data exchange allows both governments to expand their situational border awareness so that the record of a traveler’s entry into one country can establish a record of exit from the other country.

Importantly, a coordinated Entry/Exit information system will help the U.S. and Canada identify persons who overstay their lawful period of admission; monitor the departure of persons subject to removal orders; and verify that residency requirements are being met by applicants for continued eligibility in immigration programs.

Both governments can and will identify travellers who overstay their lawful period of admission. One of many possible outcomes could included denied entry.

We count the days and I carry the data with me. In our coach and on my smartphone.

Some of the above data came from the i94 website. This U.S. government website will report on your travel history. Enter your name, date of birth and passport information and a table with your travel history will magically appear.

Border crossing between Canada and the United States was based largely on an honour system.

Not now.

Our governments are actively monitoring the movement of people when they cross the border.

Be careful with your days in the United States.

Someone is keeping count even if you are not.


Welcome Home!

Welcome home! Such a lovely greeting from the owner of Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. And this will be our home for the next six months until we return to Canada.

We stayed here last year and we connected with so many wonderful people that we knew we had to come back. Aside from the awesome community at Myakka, it is hard to beat the views from the front of our coach. We have a riverside lot and we enjoy awesome sunsets.

Our coach is nestled amongst the palm trees with an expansive site. Life does not get much better than this.

We decided to arrive a few days earlier than planned and we skipped our stay at Bay Lake. It was a very long drive from Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort to Myakka. Part of the drive took us through the horrendous construction work that is ongoing on I-4 in Orlando. Not fun.

I will take a couple of days to rest and recover although I will be very busy in the woodshed preparing for several guitar dates in Florida and in Canada.

Nice to be back in shorts and t-shirts. Awesome to reconnect with our friends.

Here is a short video showing our arrival into Myakka.

Buffalo Creek Park and Trails

Hiking the great outdoors. We’ve enjoyed beautiful weather in this part of North Carolina and I really wanted to get outside and explore the area.

I’ve been spending most of my time inside the coach since we arrived at Lake Lure, North Carolina. This has been my office for the past week.

At the end of the month, I will be flying back to Canada to play lead guitar for a Christmas event in the Toronto area. I needed to get a bunch of Christmas tunes under my fingers before I fly out and this was the week to get it done. One more day of practice and I should have most of that concert memorized. Lots of guitar playing in Florida as well. My fingers are getting sore.

I’ll be on lead guitar with Paul Baloche. Here he is in a Christmas concert from 2017.

A few days back, the need to get outside continued to grow. Spending most of the day inside a coach practicing is tough to do when surrounded by such a beautiful area. Especially with the sun and mild temperatures.

Lorraine and I decided to hike Buffalo Creek.

Buffalo Creek park is situated on the slopes of Weed Patch Mountain near Lake Lure. The park covers over 1,500 acres and includes a variety of hiking trails. We opted for the main loop trail which is roughly 4 miles in length from the trailhead and back. Although you might see some wording at the trailhead suggesting that the hike is easy to moderate, it is definitely an intermediate level hike. The trail gains almost 1,000 feet in elevation and it took us almost 3 hours to complete the hike.

A few images to share. The trail is in a deeply wooded area and, given the time of year, offered some beautiful fall colours.

Apple Valley Farm Video

There are some places where we stay that deserve the time that it takes to make a video and Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach Resort is one of those places.

I hope you enjoy the video walkthrough of the resort. We are thoroughly enjoying our time here at site 148. We’ll be sad to go in a couple of days.

Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach Resort

Paradise. The Cambridge dictionary defines it this way: a place or condition of great happiness where everything is exactly as you would like it to be. That is how I would sum up our experience at Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach Resort.

Bob McKee, owner of McKee’s 37 and McKee’s RV, invited us to spend some time at one of his sites at Apple Valley. The site we are on, site 148, is available for purchase and, if you were looking to own a bit of paradise, this site should be on your list.

I have posted about McKee’s products a few times, here and here. I’ve used McKee’s RV and car care products to detail our vehicles for many years. Great products and outstanding customer service.

Apple Valley is a Class A motorcoach resort located in Lake Lure, North Carolina. We arrived here on Saturday and we have been thoroughly enjoying the park, the beautiful fall colours and the pleasant weather.

The resort is a relatively small and closely knit community with 46 sites situated around this lake.

Quiet and peaceful. Early morning walks reward you with a wonderful connection to nature. There is nothing like being out in the refreshing mountain air. The coaches blend into the landscape, almost hidden by the trees and vegetation.

Our coach is parked here.

Our site has two decks. This is the upper deck.

One side of the deck runs almost the full length of the coach with several seating areas.

And the front of the deck offers wonderful views of the surrounding country.

A stairway leads down to the lower deck.

Great views of the park from here. Looking forward you have the water and the mountains.

And looking towards the right you can just make out the sites that are located within the towering trees.

Each site at Apple Valley has its own charm. Like this one.

All of the sites are generous in size with mature landscaping.

Our site includes a dedicated parking area for our toad.

This is our first visit to Apple Valley Farm Motorcoach Resort and it won’t be our last. A beautiful spot to consider if you are ever in the North Carolina area. We love it here.