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A Tale Of Two Coaches

Friends of ours own a Newmar King Aire coach similar to the one pictured above. They bought it used. It is a 2013 model.

We own a Newmar Dutch Star coach. We bought it new. It is a 2016 model.

Their coach would be 5 years old. Ours is now 2 years old.

Notice anything different in the following insurance premiums?

We are both insured with Aviva Canada with basically the same coverage. The two coaches are valued at almost the same amount of money. And yet, our premium is almost $3,500 higher per year. We have a clean driving record, no tickets, no accidents. And we do not drink.

So why such a dramatic difference in the cost of the policies?

We talked to our insurance broker and we were given a number of reasons:

  • They bought the coach used and you bought it new
  • They must have a group discount
  • Their coach is 5 years old and your coach is new
  • You are the first owner, they are the second owner

Needless to say, we are now shopping for a different insurance company.

I could understand a few hundred dollars difference to insure the coach but over three thousand dollars?