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An AirBnB for RVs?

Michelin backs motorhome and campervan rental marketplace Campanda:

Berlin startup Campanda, which offers an online booking site for Recreational Vehicles (that’s motorhomes, caravans and campervans, to you and me), has raised €10 million in Series B funding. Leading the round is Michelin Travel Partner, the subsidiary of tyre manufacturer Michelin.

I’m not too fussy about Michelin — it took them far too long to resolve our simple tire warranty issue — however it was not a bad idea for them to jump in early on the sharing economy. Campanda is a small company, roughly 45 employees, with an inventory of about 25,000 RVs. Looks to me like they are primarily focused on dealers as only about 1,000 private owners rent on their service (you can list your own RV if you like the idea of renting it out to someone). We wouldn’t do it but the concept of renting motorhome is not new. For most people, an RV hangs around, unused, for much of the year. Delivering a rental service, with a bit of the sharing economy thrown in for good measure, through a digital business model is interesting although I wonder how successful Campanda will be over time.

I took a look at some of the Class A rentals. Prices ranged from about $100 a night to over $500 a night for this Coachmen.