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Simple Chuck

And what is on the Amazon truck for delivery today?

A Double Chuck made by Simple Chuck.

I have yet to acquire the gold standard of pressure washers, the Kranzle K1622, so I will continue to make do with my Home Depot special, the Ryobi 1,600 PSI, 1.2 GPM pressure washer.

However, with what remains of my relatively scarce and valueless supply of loonies, I decided to purchase a water deionizer for detailing the coach. After doing the research, I concluded that the Double Chuck from CR Spotless was the best option for me.

My time here in California was a factor in the decision.

I have some swirl marks.

On my coach.

How could this have happened?

This from a guy who follows the two-bucket school of washing. This from a guy who purchases only the best lambswool wash pads, microfibre wash mitts and microfibre cloths. This from a guy who suffers from a staggering level of OCD and must have a perfect finish on his coach at all times.

Where we are in California is dusty. Very, very dusty. Between the washing and the drying, the California dust particles have had their way with the surface of the paint on my coach.

I will now have to do a light compound and polish to correct the paint. That should only take about 30 hours or so. I won’t do that work until we have returned to Canada. Despite the colder temperatures, the environment in our part of Canada is relatively dust free.

The Double Chuck deionizer will allow for a spot-free rinse and hopefully bring the time to wash the coach way down, perhaps to an hour or so. A spot-free rinse does not require towelling or blading the surface. That alone will significantly reduce the chance of swirl marks on the paint.

Washing Our Coach

Lorraine knows this better than anyone.

I like things neat and tidy.

Whenever we travel, whether it is in the car or in the coach, clean is good. Especially the windshield. But preferably the entire vehicle.

And I am also fussy — in case that wasn’t clear yet — about the products I use on the finish of either the car or the coach. I hate scratches and swirls in the finish. I want to keep the finish looking like new.

Relatively easy to do with a car.

Very difficult to do with a coach.

Unlike the picture above, not every place we take our coach has a resident detailing service.

But I have found something that I hope Lorraine might add to the Christmas list this year. Something that we can use to make the task of keeping our coach clean much easier.

I already have the tools I need to wash the coach. The big challenge is how to dry the coach. Particularly if it is outside in the sun.

David Bott of Outside Our Bubble fame, put together this video on how to keep a motorhome clean using the CR Spotless water system.

The products are available in Canada through one of my favourite online detailing retailers, autoobsessed, right here.

CR Spotless offers a couple of packages specifically for motorhomes including this luxury package:

Don’t panic Lorraine. There is a basic version for about $500.