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Airstream Ranch

Somewhere along the I-4, between Tampa and Orlando, sits this monument to Airstream Trailers. A bit of a twist on the concept of Stonehenge.

From Atlas Obscura:

Frank Bates, the owner of a nearby RV dealership, envisioned Airstream Ranch as a tribute to the iconic company’s 75th anniversary. He was inspired by the similar Cadillac Ranch installation in Amarillo, Texas which consists of a row of the classic cars sticking out of the ground in the same fashion. The Airstream Ranch sees eight silver bullets of the open road jammed into the earth at an angle not unlike a chromed out set of giant’s dominoes. Thousands of visitors frequent the attraction each year to marvel at the odd automobiles, but not everyone is so tickled.

This display of old Airstream Trailers was put together in 2007 near Bates’ RV dealership in Dover, Florida. He has a dealership near some of our family in Venice, Florida

The Airstream Ranch is now being dismantled. Might be able to pick up a used Airstream for a pretty good price.