Keeping The Machine Clean

Keeping the coach clean is a big job. I see many RV owners that outsource the cleaning of their coach to a mobile detailing service. For a few hundred dollars, a couple of people will spray down the coach, scrub off the dust and dirt, rinse everything off and finish the job after an hour or so.

I prefer to detail our coach myself. I find it very rewarding when the coach looks its best. Yes, it can take a lot of time and effort. And yes, it can be frustrating because, once detailed, it doesn’t take much to start all over again from square one. Like our recent drive from Florida to California.

2,500 miles in all sorts of road conditions will definitely get the coach dirty.

I do not like a dirty coach.

Once we arrived to our site at Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort, I spent about six hours over two days washing the coach. Not detailing it mind you. Just getting it back to being clean.

Yesterday, I began the process of detailing the coach. I like to start with the tires and the wheels. Done well, detailed tires and wheels can really set off the beauty of a coach and it is not hard to do.

First, the equipment and the product.

I am a big fan of McKee’s 37 products and there are two that I use that do an amazing job on tires and wheels: McKee’s 37 Tire Gel and McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish. Highly recommended. You can learn more about McKee’s 37 products for RVs here.

Other helpful products include a degreaser, tire gel applicator pad, rubber gloves, microfibre towels and a hose and bucket.

The process is straightforward.

I clean my wheels and tires using a good quality automotive soap. I then work on one tire at a time. I start by degreasing the tire. The degreaser gets rid of the browning and other contaminants on the surface of the tire. I spray a liberal amount of degreaser on the tire, agitate the surface aggressively and rinse thoroughly. I then dry the tire and the wheel and I am now ready for the polish and tire dressing.

Using McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish, I apply a small amount of product to the rough side of a microfibre cloth and firmly rub the product against the surface of the metal. I continue applying the product until the entire wheel has been polished. I then use a second cloth to buff out the polish.

The tire requires less effort. I apply a generous amount of McKee’s 37 Tire Gel to the applicator and stroke the product firmly and I ensure an even amount of product goes on the surface. Depending on how much gloss I am wanting on the tire, I may apply a second coat.

And that is all there is to it. A beautiful set of wheels. Here is a video I made that walks you through the process.

McKee’s 37

I love detailing my coach. And I love great products that help make detailing the coach a joy.

I came across McKee’s 37 products back when I first ordered my motorcoach from Newmar. I was looking for RV specific products and eventually wound up on the McKee’s 37 RV website. What impressed me was that the founder, Bob McKee, is an avid recreational boater and a Newmar owner:

I’m blessed. Plain and simple. Not only am I fortunate enough to call the sunshine state home, I’m the proud owner of a Newmar motor coach and a 21 foot Cobia center console. With my 30 plus years in the surface care enhancement industry, it was only natural to develop a product line tailored specifically for the unique cleaning requirements of boats and RVs.

I was surprised to discover that my latest undertaking would be so much work, and I was also surprised at just how much fun I would have developing the entire line, from the high-sudsing Carnauba Wash & Wax to the hugely capable All Purpose Surface Cleaner. I thought it would be a walk in the park, because there are a lot of marine and RV products on the market. It was my goal, or mission as my senior chemist likes to call it, to make my line of marine and RV products superior to anything else available. What my team and I developed is so good I decided to put my name on it. Enter McKee’s 37 Marine & RV.

I’ve been using McKee’s 37 products on the coach since we got it three years ago. McKee’s 37 products are an integral part of my detailing toolkit.

I have a few new products from McKee’s 37 Marine and RV line — new to me — and I have been trying them out on the coach. I’ll have a few posts about my experience with these products but today I wanted to highlight one of them that I used last week: McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Final Step Detail Wax.

I am so impressed with this product!

I like to use a detailing wax in between coach washes. It can take a few hours on and off the ladder to apply a detailing wax and buff it out. There is no getting around the fact that a diesel pusher motorcoach has a very large surface area.

With Final Step, the experience can be highly rewarding when you see what this product can do to the finish of your coach.

Here is a shot of the finished front passenger slideout. The middle section is a reflection off the black paint colour of the coach. Incredible!

Another dramatic reflection that shows off the mirror finish.

And another example of the stunning result from using this product.

My coach is three years old and I have taken very good care of the finish which helps a product like McKee’s 37 Final Step to produce such an amazing result. I literally spent an hour or so after I had detailed one side of the coach just admiring the shine.

What an awesome product.

Final Step is very easy to use. The finish should be relatively clean and recently waxed. A detailing wax is not a substitute for washing nor is it a substitute for a full wax. For light cleaning, you can apply a liberal amount of Final Step to the surface with a microfibre cloth and wipe it off without bearing down hard on the paint. Then use a second microfibre cloth to buff out the detailing product and bring out the gloss. That is really all there is to using this product.

Highly recommended to bring out the best of your coach in between washes.

I’ve ordered McKee’s 37 products from Autogeek and Amazon. You can also find them on and

Detailing Wheels

A clean coach is a happy coach.

I enjoy spending time keeping the coach clean. And happy. When our coach is happy, well, I am happy.

As a consequence, I carry a lot of detailing products. I am a big fan of the Chemical Guys. But I also use products from Griot’s Garage and McKees 37.

A nice set of wheels can really set the look of a coach. Hard to keep them clean when travelling out on the road but whenever the jacks are going to be down for more than a few days, out come the detailing products. Here are a couple of my wheels after detailing:

A nice sheen. Not too glossy.

I use Blue Magic to clean, polish and protect the aluminum wheels.

I had been using McKees 37 RV UV50 Tire Clean and Protect for the tires. Their website still makes reference to the product here. But sadly that specific product is now discontinued. Which is too bad because I really loved this product for the tires.

I wrote them a note to see if they had a substitute product. Which, of course, they do. They assured me that it is the exact same great formulation of the RV UV50 Tire Clean and Protect and that the new product is labelled McKees 37 Gloss Tire Gel.

This video provides more information. Recommended if you want the tires on your coach to look their best. And yes, I know about 303 products. I have used that product in the past and it is a fine choice however I prefer McKees 37 on my tires for the sheen, UV protection and the long-lasting formula.