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Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort

To Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort, I am a Very Important Person. They sent me an email today asking if I would be a Very Interested Person.

Would I be interested in their new development: Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort?

Of course I am interested. Mountain Falls is a beautiful RV Resort although a bit too isolated and definitely in the wrong location for Canadian Snowbirds. Myriad is located near Fort Myers. Much better location for Canadian Snowbirds.

From their website:

Designed in the French West Indies Vernacular, Myriad is truly a one of a kind Motorcoach Resort unparalleled in its fine finish, attention to detail and warm luxurious design.

We spent the last 5 years planning this resort, leveraging our experience in developing the finest in luxury resort communities and understanding the wants and needs of the motorcoach enthusiast. With oversized lots, lush landscaping, and deluxe coach villas for entertaining and overnight guests, to the meticulously designed infrastructure, we’ve anticipated your future wants and needs. We took the time to get it right.

The park will have a total of 344 lots. In an interesting twist, the lots for sale will be significantly larger than the lots for rent. And the rental lots will be segregated from the purchased lots. Seems a bit unusual to me and it could create a barrier between renters and owners. Especially if the developer does something like place restrictions on clubhouse access.

The rental sites, all 171 of them, are tucked away in the top right of the sitemap. See all of those tiny lots crammed together? They are 38 feet wide. We are currently on a lot that is 45 feet wide. Not sure that we would enjoy a long-term stay on that narrow a site.

If you are willing to spend a quarter million to buy a lot on the big lake, you will get a lot that measures about 57 feet wide by 100 feet deep. There are 173 of those lots for sale. Building out a coach house on the lakefront sites will probably cost another few hundred thousand. Throw in the requisite Prevost conversion, and you can enjoy this bit of paradise for only a mere million or two.

The lots for sale that are not on the lake are discounted. You only have to pay about $165,000 for the cheap seats.

I expect to see more and more of these luxury motorcoach resorts being built. After all, with so many higher end coaches being produced these days, the inventory of sites for sale and rent does need to increase. It can be difficult securing a decent site at a Class A Motorcoach Resort in Florida during the peak season.

We booked our sites well in advance of our stay this winter.

We will be lining up to secure a site at our current park for next year. And when I say lining up, I do mean lining up.

More on that experience in a few weeks.

The Way South

We have now made a few bookings for our trip south. We will be leaving from Sherkston Shores RV Resort — identified as point 2 on the map above. Point 1 is where we are living right now.

The plan is for Lorraine and I to take the coach over to our dealer mid-August. We have a bit of a punch list:

  • Side radiator lower grill guard almost disconnected from body of coach
  • Oasis hot water heater pump failure — this one is a known defect by the manufacturer
  • Full wall slideout uneven — literally rises up a quarter inch or so after slides are deployed — this was not resolved during warranty by the dealer and is still outstanding
  • Full length of Girard Awning Casing on top of passenger side of coach overhangs coach body by about an inch
  • Levelling jack leaking hydraulic fluid (passenger side front)
  • Small puncture in roof membrane requires repair
  • 483 RSB – Recall 17V 420: Driver Passenger Shade
  • 486 TSB – MCD Remote Shade Motor Replacement
  • 488 RSB – Recall 17V 497: Battery Cable May Rub Against Frame (potential fire hazard)
  • 493 PIB – Freightliner Lightbar: instrument panel odometer value may reset and not match the engine ECU odometer value

We also need to get our towing system in place for our new toad. For the towbar we are installing a Blue Ox baseplate, a Blue Ox KarGard, a Blue Ox Towbar, and a Patriot Braking System.

The dealer wants the coach for about a month. We will pick it up from the dealer mid-September and head over to Sherkston Shores and hang out there until the end of October.

We then make three stops over five days on our way down south. Point 3 on the map above will be at Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park. Looks like a nice place. The first drive will be 6 hours on the road not including breaks.

Point 4 on the map is our next stop. We will spend two days at the Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort. I suspect that this will be a stunning place to rest up after a second long day of driving. Roughly 7 hours between Stonewall Jackson and Mountain Falls without including any breaks.

After a two-night layover, we will head over to point 5 on the map above: Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort. Another 6-hour drive without including any breaks.

From there, we take a longer drive over to Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. A little over 8 hours on the road without including any breaks.

And then? A whole month in the sun and warmth.

Why take the drive down so quickly? Well, we want to enjoy as much of our time as possible in the south. 4 relatively long days behind the wheel will be worthwhile once we pull into our site in Florida.