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Welcome Home!

Welcome home! Such a lovely greeting from the owner of Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. And this will be our home for the next six months until we return to Canada.

We stayed here last year and we connected with so many wonderful people that we knew we had to come back. Aside from the awesome community at Myakka, it is hard to beat the views from the front of our coach. We have a riverside lot and we enjoy awesome sunsets.

Our coach is nestled amongst the palm trees with an expansive site. Life does not get much better than this.

We decided to arrive a few days earlier than planned and we skipped our stay at Bay Lake. It was a very long drive from Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort to Myakka. Part of the drive took us through the horrendous construction work that is ongoing on I-4 in Orlando. Not fun.

I will take a couple of days to rest and recover although I will be very busy in the woodshed preparing for several guitar dates in Florida and in Canada.

Nice to be back in shorts and t-shirts. Awesome to reconnect with our friends.

Here is a short video showing our arrival into Myakka.

Leaving Myakka

We did it. We finally left Myakka River Motorcoach Resort. We love this place and we will be back in November.

The owners? Awesome. The community? Also awesome. We have made some wonderful friends and I am already missing them even though we have only been gone for a day.

Our first stop on our trip to California is the Florida Grande Motorcoach Resort. It is about a 3-hour drive from Myakka. We are not much closer to California but we have moved enough now to get back into the mode of travelling with our motorcoach. It is easy to forget how to do the little things, like hook up the toad, when you stay put for a few months.

This is our spot for the evening.

We have a longer drive tomorrow although we will still be in the state of Florida.

And a video about the day’s drive. A little excitement on the way. Most drivers are unaware of how much longer the stopping distance is for a motorcoach. I am very much aware of our stopping distance.

Holy cow.


People started lining up at roughly 10:00pm last night. Lining up to secure a rental site for the next season. Lorraine was hoping to be first in line but she arrived too late at around 11:30pm.

She was third in line.

The doors opened at 9:00am this morning and Lorraine, after staying up all night, went in to secure our site for November. This site right here, Site 90.

Difficult process. Within the lineup there were people wanting the same site number as someone else. Not surprisingly, everyone in the line knew what site numbers others were wanting.

There were a number of choices available.

48 lots were available to rent. We marked them all in black and we picked some alternate sites in case our first choice was not available.

From what I gather, Myakka River Motorcoach Resort will pretty much sellout their rental sites for the peak months of January, February and March. And they will sellout today.

Now for the big question: did we get site 90 for the next season?


We are happy. Lorraine stayed awake all night, waiting in line, to secure our site. And, being Lorraine, she had a wonderful time with all of her friends who were also waiting in line.

I dropped by at 5:30 this morning to check up on Lorraine and the rest of the people in the queue.

There were a few individuals that sadly did not get their first choice of site. First come, first serve. Not sure how else the owners could do this process.

Off to California in two weeks. Then to Canada in April. Back to Myakka in November.

Tough life.

Reservation Process

The big day arrives tomorrow! Reservation day.

Yes. Florida is a very popular snowbird destination. And, if you want to ensure that you have a site during the peak season, then you have to reserve well in advance.

We are, hopefully, coming back to Myakka River Motorcoach Resort in November for a long-term stay. We will find out tomorrow morning if we will have a site for next winter.

The resort will open reservations for guests wishing to reserve for 3 months or more at 9:00 am. By phone or in person. Sites will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. The only way to guarantee a favourite site is to buy one.

There are a number of sites that are offered as rental sites. To secure a specific rental site requires you to reserve that site before someone else. Which, unfortunately, means that many people line up all night to try and get their preferred rental site.

The resort does not work through the people waiting in line first. You could call in at the same time that the line at the resort opens up. You could secure a site by phone before the person who had stood in line all night. You might even secure the site that they were hoping to get.

Lorraine is planning to get into line later this evening to help us secure our preferred rental site.

Where will I be? Looking after our golden retriever of course.

Time to Leave

Not yet. We are at Myakka River Motorcoach Resort until the end of January.

We have a fairly large number of coaches leaving over the next few days which may, or may not, have something to do with the following change in rental rates.

All of the RV resorts in Florida have peak and non-peak rates. For Myakka, the current monthly non-peak rental rates for the various site types are:

Those rates change in a few days.

Quite the jump. Obviously Florida is a very popular destination in the winter. A few other Class A resorts start their peak rates earlier. In December. And the rates, like Myakka, more than double from the non-peak rates.

For Canadian snowbirds, the peak rates are much higher in our native currency: $4,000 CAD a month for the river front view.

Given the pullback in the stock markets and the drop in the Canadian dollar, Lorraine and I have been looking at our options for next winter. This one looks promising although I am not sure whether we can fit our Class A and toad. The sites look a bit tight.