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Newmar Factory Service

Nappanee, Indiana. Home of the Newmar factory.

Our coach has been there. We have not. We will soon though. We have confirmed all of the details with Newmar, with no less than three categories of service: incident repair, chassis service and work items. All of which have been duly signed and submitted to the agents of Newmar.

The incident repair concerns the fiasco with the Girard awnings randomly deploying while the coach was in motion. Fortunately this happened at the dealer while the coach was being driven by the service manager. Unfortunately we were stranded for six weeks waiting for parts and installation.

The awning was not replaced properly, I posted on all of that over here, and Newmar will make it right for us at no charge.

Here are the items logged in their incident repair order. Note that we had not provided any specifics into the incident repair other than requesting Newmar to resolve the awning issue. The other details were provided by our dealer.

Job 3 notes the grounding concern for the Girard awning. We keep the awnings unplugged except for when we deploy them. Once retracted, we unplug the awnings from the motor control modules. Hopefully this service will resolve any outstanding issues with our awnings randomly deploying.

There is a second page on the incident repair order.

It makes reference to a recall, specifically 17V 497, under Job 6. The recall:

Daimler Trucks North America has decided that a defect relating to motor vehicle safety exists in specific motorhomes built on Freightliner chassis (NHTSA# 17V 451). In response, Newmar has filed recall NHTSA# 17V 497 and TC# 2017-389.

Issue: On certain motorhomes built on Freightliner XCR chassis, a battery cable mounting bracket may not have been installed at the plant per installation drawings. If improperly routed and clipped, the battery cable may be in close proximity to the frame rail. This may cause rubbing or shorting of the cable and may increase the risk of a fire.

Correction: The mounting of the battery cable bracket and cable routing will be inspected and revised (if required) at no cost to the customer.

Units Affected: See the attached population list for specific VIN numbers supplied by DTNA.

On our incident repair order, Job 6, Newmar states: “denied, needs addressed at FCCC service shop.”

This recall was supposed to have been resolved by the dealer and I now suspect that it wasn’t. Our dealer is not an FCCC service shop. We certainly do not want a risk of fire so we will need to confirm whether our dealer had resolved this issue.

We are taking advantage of Newmar’s Factory Service Maintenance program to complete a chassis service. We will have put some serious miles on the chassis by the time we get to Indiana and I trust the Newmar folks to do a comprehensive maintenance program on our coach.

Our work items include the few odds and ends that happened with our coach on the way from Florida to California. MCD shade motors that need to be replaced under warranty. A full wall slide that needs adjustment. And HWH jacks that need to be inspected.

We will be at the Newmar factory for three full days, April 24-26. We will arrive the night before and leave on the Saturday bound for Canada.

Looking forward to taking the factory tour at Newmar and looking forward to getting some repairs and maintenance completed on the coach.