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Ozarks RV Resort

1,678 miles travelled since we left Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort on April 14th. Only 1,133 miles to go and then we will be setting up our coach on Canadian soil. We are currently at Ozarks RV Resort on Table Rock Lake for two nights. We have had wonderful weather all the way so far. Sunny days.

It has been a bit of a challenge staying connected online. The quality of the WiFi service at all of the parks we have visited since leaving Desert Shores has ranged from poor to really awful. I’m going to have to beef up the mobile Internet over cellular for the coach on our next trip south. Our Canadian data plan is woefully inadequate when travelling in the United States. And slow.

I had done up a video for one of the resorts and the owners wanted to use it on their website. It took over 4 hours to upload the roughly 400 MB file off my smartphone’s hotspot.

I’m doing a seminar at a motorhome show in Canada on May 4th. I use a lot of graphics when preparing presentations like this one and that takes a lot of bandwidth as I source many of the graphics online. Trying to do that work while on the road is proving to be darn near impossible.

I’m hoping that when we stop at Newmar later this week I will have access to high-speed Internet so that I can get the seminar finished up.

Lesson learned. At least I will have a few months to research options stateside before heading south again in November. I’ve been a member of the Mobile Internet Resource Center for the past couple of years. I’ll leverage their guidance in terms of a better mobile Internet infrastructure for the coach.

It has been three days since we left the beautiful Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch in New Mexico. We sure loved that place. Definitely has earned a spot in our top ten list of the nicest parks we have visited.

From Ruidoso, we stopped at Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo, Texas, literally a parking lot for coaches on the way to somewhere else. All paved, easy access to I-40, clean, quiet, level sites. More than fine for an overnight stay. Our next stop was Mustang Run RV Park near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Similar to Oasis RV Resort. A decent spot for an overnight stay.

Then the Ozarks Luxury RV Resort in Arkansas for a two-night stay. The drive into the resort was filled with twists and turns. At least two hours or so of pretty serious motorcoach handling on very tight country roads. At one point, we came very close to a collision with a distracted driver. I have that one on dash cam and I will post the video whenever we get to a spot with decent Internet service.

This is our spot at the park.

Most of the sites are unoccupied. Although originally started as a Class A ownership park, that development failed and Ozarks became a mixed resort with all classes of RVs. They do emphasize that they are an ownership park however you can rent here without any difficulty.

We have a wonderful view of the lake and we are enjoying some downtime on this peaceful and upscale property. One more stop before our three-day service call at Newmar. And, from there, back to Canada for six months.