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Rocket Fuel

Rocket fuel. An important source of energy. Apparently not just for rockets. A critical source of energy for owners of Newmar coaches. A vital piece of information that we sadly lacked when we made our pilgrimage to the Newmar factory in Nappanee. A closely held secret, known only to a few Newmar insiders, at least until now. I am passing this along so that all of my Newmar friends don’t carry the same, deep sense of regret that Lorraine and I have experienced, learning about this fuel source after we left Nappanee.

This specific fuel source can only be found in Nappanee. Consider it an upgrade to your Newmar service visit.

We found out this secret, as is often the case, huddled around a campfire. So many secrets about the RV lifestyle are disclosed this way. It is a tradition.

Okay. Not the campfire pictured above. I took that shot a few years back. That one was a real campfire. Made from real wood. Not some artificial campfire, like a propane fire ring. I think that is cheating. Convenient though. I might get one.

Oh yes, rocket fuel, secrets, the inner workings of RV tribes, the attempt by the Newmar illuminati to suppress the newbies from learning about supercharging their Newmar factory experience.

Sorry, I became a bit distracted with the whole wood versus propane thing.

We were huddled with some friends in front of a propane fire last night trying desperately to stay warm in the near arctic temperatures of what passes for late spring in this part of Canada.

As my fingers slowly froze and the frostbite began spreading from the end of my nose to the edges of my ears, I raised a delicate subject.

Ice cream.

I determined, wisely enough, that talking about ice cream was safer than talking about whether global warming was having any impact in this part of Canada. And ice cream is cold.

And then our friends accidentally blurted out the secret. The location of the very best ice cream in the world.

Made with liquid nitrogen.

The finest source of energy for Newmar owners hanging out in Nappanee.

The Rocket Science Ice Cream shop takes a secret set of ingredients, zaps it with liquid nitrogen, and, bang, Houston, we have ice cream! The very, very best ice cream in the world.

We missed out on that experience. Do not repeat our mistake.

We also missed out on Amish Crack. Another closely held secret.