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The Big Reveal of Newmar’s Super C

I am catching the big reveal of Newmar’s new Super C, the Super Star live. The RV Geeks are hosting.

VP of sales for Newmar, John Sammut has joined them for the big reveal.

First, a bit of chat with Matt Miller, the CEO of Newmar.

And finally, the newest model from Newmar.

First air ride cab, first full wall slide on a Super C.

Pass-through storage, another first for a Super C.

Interior looks a lot like a Dutch Star probably due to the full wall slide and the woodworking.

Newmar will offer a 37 and 40 foot model.

RV Geeks are impressed, they think it is comparable to a high-end diesel pusher. The Super Star can haul up to 20,000 pounds. Built on a Freightliner chassis.

RV Geeks will post videos of the new model on their channel.

No other details in terms of the chassis. No other details in terms of pricing.

Hopefully more details about the Super Star will come out soon on the Newmar website. Nothing there right now.

Drivin’ and Vibin’ got a first look and a video which provides more insight into the new machine. They are saying a price of $350,000.

Newmar Super Star

Updated: what’s next happened. You can learn more about Newmar’s Super C here.

What’s next is almost here.

Newmar just sent me an email on their new Super C Models.

Hello Richard,

Two years ago, we began research and development on our very first Super C model. And because we believe doing it better starts with reinventing how it’s been done, we put innovation at the forefront. The result comes in the form of the all-new 2020 Super Star, which you will be able to witness live from the Newmar display on March 13 at 12 pm MST / 2 pm EST!

The first and only Super C RV to feature both a full air-ride cab and a full-wall slideout, the 2020 Super Star represents a whole new way to experience the Newmar difference. Join us live from the Newmar display inside RVX on March 13 at 12 pm MST / 2 pm EST and be among the first to witness the Super C coach transformed!

You can sign up for the live stream here.

Newmar Super Star

Updated: the big reveal of Newmar’s new Super C happened. You can learn more about the big reveal here.

Newmar will be introducing new Super C models. Will they look like a Showhauler Super C?

I didn’t hear anything about these new models at the recent RV SuperShow in Tampa. Newmar will formally introduce their 2020 Super Cs at RVX 2019. RVX is a dealer-focused event intended to spur consumer interest in RVs even as the industry struggles to keep up with demand.

There will be two Super C models. One will be called a Super Star. Newmar did publish this line drawing on their dealer invitation page.

I like the idea of a Super C. A very robust platform. Safer with the engine out front. But every time I have walked through a high end Super C, like a Showhauler, I am a bit underwhelmed. The interiors are not as nice as a comparably priced diesel pusher. The tractor at the front takes about 10 to 12 feet of space from the interior of the motorhome which results in less living space than an equivalent length diesel pusher. And Class A restricted resorts, which we enjoy, obviously do not allow Super Cs in their parks.

I am very interested, though, in how Newmar will approach this new model line. Frankly, I think they might be getting too stretched as it is with 11 existing models and hundreds of floorpans and all sorts of available options. Will they be able to scale their current manufacturing process? Will they be able to maintain reasonable quality issues? How much will they charge for a luxury Super C?

We’ll find out soon. RVX takes place in March.